'Til Morning

Lead Actor, Writer, Producer | It's On the Box Collective

'Til Morning is a coming of age short film about Julia, a Brazilian student in her last semester of college in New York City.

Distopia Brasil

Actor | Pedro Granato

An original anti-utopian narrative inspired by the Brazilian sociopolitical issues.

Fog Around August

Producer | it's on the box collective

Fog Around August follows a late, drunken conversation between two friends-turned-lovers as we catch a glimpse at this young man's desires, or lack thereof.

I'm Not Asleep

Actor | Lufe Berto

A short film by Lufe Berto about Alex, a young woman battling a debilitating condition: sleep paralysis.


Director, Producer | it's on the box collective

Scissors, a play that oscillates between the desire to experience life to its fullest and to end it all.

Stella, Come Home

Performer, Deviser, Producer | Et Alia Theater

Stella, Come Home is a dance-theater piece that translates the iconic American play A Streetcar Named Desire into movement and dance through the bodies of our company's international women.

Stop Kiss

Lead Actor, Producer | Diana Son

Stop Kiss is a powerful and heart-wrenching love story that will take you on a journey of laughter, tears, and ultimately, hope.

This is Me Eating ____

Performer, Producer | Et Alia Theater

An immersive theater installation made of women bodies as they deal with their relationship to eating.

Until Dark

Actor, Producer | Federica Borlenghi

Until Dark by Federica Borlenghi is a new play that reflects on consent and the intricacies of sisterhood while testing its ties and boundaries.

White Rabbit Red Rabbit

Producer | Et Alia Theater

Forbidden to leave his home country, Nassim Soleimanpour wrote a one-performer play as a letter that would travel the world in his place.

who were you in New York

Lead Actor, Producer | Stella Rea

A short film that proposes a dive in the physicality of memories.