This is Me Eating ____

Performer, Producer
Et Alia Theater
Directed by
Debora Balardini

An immersive theater installation made of women bodies as they deal with their relationship to eating.

This is Me Eating____ started as an online project where women from all over the world were invited to fill in the blank and create a piece of their own that dealt with their relationship to eating and food.

After receiving the City Artist Corps Grant, Et Alia Theater produced This is Me Eating____ as an immersive, live theater performance. Picture a space with human, flawed bodies expressing what they are “eating” (both metaphorically and literally) through the use of their movements and voices.

The theme of food and body image is very specific and unique to different cultures and traditions, yet almost the same in its effect on mental health and societal pressures.

Directed by Debora Balardini
Associate Produced by Dave Morrissey
With Luísa Galatti, Giorgia Valenti, Ana Moioli, Maria Müller and Deniz Bulat

Photos by Gabriela Amerth