White Rabbit Red Rabbit

Et Alia Theater
Written by
Nassim Soleimanpour

Forbidden to leave his home country, Nassim Soleimanpour wrote a one-performer play as a letter that would travel the world in his place. With no rehearsals, no director, and a sealed script, White Rabbit Red Rabbit is a show in which the actor reads the script for the first time onstage.

This performance will be part of Let There Be Theatre - A Call to Action on March 13th. Theaters from all over the globe will be staging a production of White Rabbit Red Rabbit on March 13th, to mark the date that most theaters had to shut down due to the pandemic. At 8pm in every time zone there will be a multitude of shows starting at the same time for 24 hours, thus creating a massive theatrical community. Et Alia Theater is proud to represent New York in this event.

Performed by Giorgia Valenti (2021), Maria Müller (2022) & Melina Moghadassian (2023)

Photos by Alexia Haick and Federica Borlenghi